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You can find the User Menu in the left part of the e-shop page. Here you will always find everything you need. By means of this menu, you can get to the individual departments of the shop.
Goods in our shop is divided into the so-called Departments. Notice the list of these departments. Any time you click on the name of any of the departments, the shop will immediately offer you a list of the goods included in this particular department. If the List of Goods is longer and does not fit on one page, it will be automatically divided into more pages. Then, you just need to click on the link with the number of the corresponding page and our shop will immediately offer you the next page. Each department, besides containing particular goods, can have its own Subdepartment. These subdepartments also contain various particular types of goods.
If you click on any name of the departments, or if you search for an item you are interested in (see below), your browser will offer you the List of Goods. Each item of this list includes both the name of the goods, and its price (including a potential discount). Moreover, you can immediately add the goods to your electronic Shopping Cart (see the Shopping Cart). Or, if some goods already is in the cart, you can remove it. When you click on the name of the goods, the browser will offer you a separate page of the goods. This page may include, besides the name, price and potential discount, also a very detailed description of the product including its picture. You can add the goods to the cart from this page as well.
You will find the box for search in the upper part of the screen. Just enter the name of the goods you want into it, or a part of the name. Then, after you press the key Enter, or the key OK, our database will be searched and the browser will offer you the list of goods, which corresponds to the requirement you entered.
Everywhere, where you find the name of the goods, you will also find the possibility of adding this goods to the cart. Just enter the quantity of the goods and click on the icon of the cart. The goods will be immediately added to the cart, which will be displayed, Now you can continue shopping in the individual departments or continue to order in the Checkout.


As soon as you enter our electronic shop, you have an imaginary shopping cart in your hand. You can add the chosen goods to it. Just enter the required quantity of goods next to the chosen item and click on the icon of the cart. At this moment, the goods is added to your shopping cart and the cart is displayed. In the cart, you can still change the number of items of the goods by means of the buttons Add or Erase, or you can Empty the entire shopping cart.
Checkout is connected with the shopping cart in our shop. The bottom part of the page contains boxes for selection of the method of payment and method of delivery. For a more comfortable purchase in our shop, you should create a user account. Click on the link of Registration in the left menu. Fill in the required information here. When you click on the button Confirm, a user account with your name and login password will be created in our database. From that moment on, any time you would like to buy something in our e-shop, you will just need to log in and you will not need to fill your information again and again when you want to send your order.
After you choose the method of payment and method of delivery, just click on the button for confirmation of the information. Click on the button Confirm the Information. Now a page will be displayed, on which you have the last opportunity to check all the entered information. Then you can click on the button Send the Order. Your order will be sent to the trader and you will then receive an email with information and confirmation of your order.
What are the advantages of a user account? Above all, you do not have to fill in repeatedly your personal information every time you want to make a purchase in our shop. And you also have the possibility of reviewing your previous orders.
Personal information entered into our database can be changed at any time. Just choose the link Correct personal info. You can also log off any time (see the link Log off).


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