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Range of colors

We are using really many colors for production of our traditional Czech glass beads.
We offer transparent, opal, alabaster, opaque, silk and special combinated colors.
Colors you can see above but displayed color depends on settings of your display.

For your better information here are color codes (from 5 numbers, for examples 31000 - sapphire opal color):
1xxxx topaz, amber
2xxxx amethyst
3xxxx sapphire
4xxxx black diamond
5xxxx green
6xxxx aquamarine
7xxxx pink
8xxxx yellow
9xxxx red
Glass type
x0xxx transparent
x1xxx opal
x2xxx alabaster
x3xxx opaque
x4xxx silk
x5xxx agate
x6xxx moonshine
x7xxx inside colored
x8xxx stripes

color chart here

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