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Simple tips for beads creation for everyone. Be inspired by our ideas and choose from a wide range of beads.




Bracelet and earrings Indiana from new Arrow beads.




New tutorial from Karla Mokrošová






New free tutorial with Arrow  beads from Sandra D. Halpenny










MAKEDA Bracelet Pattern







Design by Sandra D. Halpenny



Design by Sandra D. Halpenny




































No wonder, there is a huge interest for beads nowadays since the tradition of beads production has been lasting for centuries. However, the beads were serving to another purpose in the past. It used to have a religious purpose and sometimes was used as money. But we are living current life and we are going to introduce some basic skills and using these techniques you find beading splendid and inspiring activity.

There are different skills and every woman may manufacture her own original piece of jewellery. The skills vary due to the nature of used technique as well as due to the components consumed. For your smooth start with beading we have chosen the following skills which we find inspiring for you.

Traditional threading

Everybody must know this principle. This method comes out from the stringing of beads onto the thread. We may use for instance the letter beads and may create an interesting word headline, for instance your name or a name of your kid. If you wish to manufacture anything you find more delicious, will you choose the beads in the leaf shapes. You may combine the leaves with hearts, donuts or with handmade beads. You are sure to manufacture the attractive article.

Korálky srdíčka


Three dimensions beading

It is rather complicated technique, but the results will justify your efforts. Using the above technique you will manufacture your 3D products – animals, different figurines, signs of zodiac, etc. The most suitable beads for this skill are seed beads in the size of 2 mm. 


Sewing (weaving) jewellery skills

These skills are the most difficult method of beading. We do not talk only in the terms of stringing of the beads into the thread, but there is a factual production of original earrings, bracelets, tiaras as well as other jewellery pieces. You need some skills to seize and some experience in addition, of course you will and patience is the most important. We do believe the result of your work will be charming.
The manual for jewellery sewing (weaving)
Every woman must supplement her wardrobe by accessories which she finds original and reasonable as far as prices concerned. The wardrobe of every woman must meet their ideas.
The sewing (weaving) jewellery techniques will be useful for this purpose. Everyone can do it with a little bit of skills. Now we introduce you the crucial base for beading, so called brick (peyote) stitch.


The beaded earrings manufacture manual

It is said, the earrings make a woman. Come on to read the manual and try something new and original.
The components necessary for one pair of earrings
8 pieces pearl beads round, col. violet, size 10 mm
18 pieces frosted beads round, col. yellow, size 6 mm
16 pieces frosted beads round, col. white , size 6 mm
8 pieces pressed beads round, col. violet, size 6 mm
42 pieces seed beads, col. yellow, size 3 mm
16 pieces seed beads, col. white, size 2 mm
Eye pins
Stringing nylon
African hooks

korálky glass4u


Earring manufacture procedure
We will leave the colours of components on your choice. We have chosen the colour combination – violet, white and yellow. Split each group of beads into two halves , thus you get sharp number of beads for each earring. Start with seed beads , size 3 mm. Alter gradually 1 pc seed bead, size 3 mm, 1 pc pearl bead, violet, another 1 pc seed bead 3 mm, followed 2 pc frosted yellow beads and finally string 1 pc seed bead 3 mm. Go on this procedure till you string all kinds of beads.
Keep in mind you produce just one piece of earring. Now take an eye pin and pull it through the second group of yellow beads. Take a harder pin for better manipulation. As soon as you complete the whole raw, pull the nylon through 3 mm seed beads, through round beads, violet, size 10 mm and finally through seed beads, size 3 mm  
In the second step string alternatively 1 pc seed bead size 2mm, 1 pc frosted bead, white, size 6 mm,2 pcs seed beads, size 2 mm and following alternatively 4 pcs round beads ,violet with 3 pcs seed beads, size 2 mm. Repeat this group so long you meet the end of nylon. Now cut the nylon close to pin. Now you can process the group of violet beads, size 10 mm which you string on the nylon.... and the first internal part is completed.
Tight the nylon, make the knots and finish the earring. Make sure the knots are firm, you may use a drop of glue. Pull free ends through approx. 3 beads and cut them off. Use an eye pin, string on 1 pc yellow frosted bead, size 6 mm and 1 pc seed bead, size 2 mm. In the next step use linking pliers and make an eye and hang an earring on the African hook.



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